Award Winning Packaging

TESCO Novelty Tissues

Award Winning Packaging Design

Pemberton & Whitefoord recently were awarded a Mobius Award for their Novelty Tissue box design for TESCO.

P&W created a collection of animals based around the idea that the tissues, when dispensed, interacted with the box – the water blowing from the elephant’s trunk, the tuft growing from the penguin’s crown and the water spout of the whale. The bright, simply styled illustrations and distinctive colour palettes contributed to a unique solution ensuring standout at home and in store.

P&W utilised the double skin on the physical packaging to introduce flaps on the top and side fascias, this brings the characters to life when opened and sets them apart from other tissue brands available in store.

Additional wild animal characters can be developed in the future to extend the range.

Working on this project allowed us to explore ways of adding interest and expression via applied graphics and physical form.

  • Whale tissue box
  • Elephant tissue box
  • Penguin tissue box

Mobius Award