My latest Painting

Is there anything more soul-soothing than being on the sand at sunset? 


Like everything else in the world, art is changing too, art has always challenged people’s minds as to what exactly is considered art. Today not only is a shark suspended in formaldehyde in a glass-panel display case by Damien Hirst or an unmade bed by Tracey Emin in both cases one could ask –  is it ART? Well who am I to say, I guess if it is in a gallery then it is art, like the notorious sculpture described by many as a pile of bricks is featuring at Huddersfield Art Gallery. The Tate Gallery’s purchase of Carl Andres Equivalent VIII caused a storm in 1976, with critics asking why public money had been spent on the artwork.
Here whilst not exactly traditional in the form of actual paints I will be showing digital artworks that can be printed on canvas or fine art paper. So I hope you like my experimentations of the digital and multimedia forms.

Work In Progress paintings

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