AS I am looking at creating multiple streams of income, one of the approaches is to create designs that can be printed on demand (POD) which can be applied to a variety of products like mugs, t-shirts, stickers, and hoodies.

So far I have created 13 designs which I have uploaded to the shopping site – here is my shop name  if you wish to check it out. (any purchases would be greatly appreciated.) Anyway, as part of this process, I have set myself a target of 100 designs by Christmas. I am hoping that I also get accepted into the Merch by Amazon platform so that I can use the same designs but will have an even bigger reach for my products.

I am endeavoring to get better with every painting and every typographic exercise I do (basically just creating stuff that I would like to wear). Coming up with the 100 designs by Christmas will push me not only because there is a deadline but sometimes “just doing it” is what counts, and trying to get better every day has to count for something (right?). With that in mind, I will also start to sell my typography posters that I create in Procreate on Etsy. I have been really inspired by some of the work I have seen on Etsy so wanted to work on my own designs in that medium and see what happens.

I must say that working on my iPad has been a complete revelation. Everyday I learn something new and exciting. To make my time the most efficient I have created my own Favourites set of brushes, as Procreate offers so many brushes I feel like you can easily slip into overwhelm with the variety that they have. Today I plan on developing one of my typography exercises into an animation so I can post it on social media (so watch this space).

I think that one of the things holding me back at this stage is I am trying to do too much like learning how to get this website functioning the way I want. If anyone know a great WordPress geek please let me know. I keep getting frustrated at not getting my vision for this website to work, but I will keep trying 😀 at the moment I am trying to juggle a lot of balls so in the meantime I am in action mode creating and hopefully creating some things that I am proud of. Hopefully in the next week or so I will receive my first products from the Redbubble store so I will be excited to finally get to see what they are like.

So the overall plan:

• Continue working on large format paintings
• Create 100 designs for the Redbubble shop by Christmas
• Work on making this website look better
• Work on making my paintings for sale on this site (prints as well)
• Increase my social media presence by posting once a week (organise a Instagram schedule)

SIDE HUSTLE 1:- Apparel and accessories

SIDE HUSTLE 2:- ETSY – Typographic designs & painting prints possibly

SIDE HUSTLE 3:- Amazon KDP (Self Publishing Platform) putting all of my skills by creating great books that hopefully people will enjoy.

So that is the plan up until Christmas, I will keep you posted on how I get on and what if any payments I receive from these endeavors. Wish me LUCK!