My name is Jesse Huxleigh I am a designer, illustrator, painter and digital artist. I have been drawing since I can remember, I remember winning a poster competition when I was six years of age for a local bank, I was told to go to the headmasters office to collect a voucher (at six years of age I had no idea what a voucher was … was it a sculpture of a golden eagle in bronze I thought? Well I was too scared to go to the headmasters office so can’t remember ever getting the voucher … well that’s what I remember. From the age of five my favourite books were on the Renaissance, there was one book in particular about Leonardo da Vinci that I particularly loved especially his drawings of horses, so I would copy them.
I had a turbulent relationship with the art teacher in high school, she created art out of dolls’ heads (not exactly my cup of tea Renaissance they were not). So being a teenager I rebelled and I think I may have even failed art in high school. But I would sketch on the covers of my textbooks and one of my friends said hey your really good you should be a graphic designer. I had no idea what that was but it planted the seed for my adult life.
After leaving high school I went to a training course in Foundation of Graphic Design, I then did a year course in Production for Graphic Design, followed by a three-year degree in Graphic Design. What a blast … the best years of my life. After leaving University I started my own graphic design business called Inner City Design, this lasted a measly two years … I had no idea how to price my work properly so ended up working for free to get exciting jobs whilst not charging enough for my bread and butter work.
I will skip the next 20 years because I feel you getting bored. So in 2010, I started a website promoting artists’ work online, giving artists a platform to show their work online … as the internet was still relatively new and I felt I could build a website to help artists. It was a flop, the intentions were good I just didn’t have the knowledge to launch something so ambitious. I did however post some of my work there and I did sell a couple of my paintings but not through the website.