When I paint in acrylics I Love to do really big paintings that get my whole body into it (like the 1.5m x 1m painting I did for my brother). But I recently gifted a painting to someone and unfortunately, it was just too big for their house – well didn’t I feel stupid especially since it took me six months to complete this painting it really was a gift of love. But lesson learned the next time I was commissioned to do a painting I actually got the customer to measure the size with a tape measure on the wall where the intended painting was to sit, I also got sent an image of the wall too in the room so I could get a sense of how it should look. The result was a complete success unlike the previous painting. So PLEASE if the size you would like is not listed in the dimensions I would be only too happy to change the dimensions for you.

The other thing I wanted to mention here was – I have noticed a real trend lately in interior design magazines and various home interior photographs that people are actually stacking their paintings in a kind of semi-random fashion. I think if you got it show it and what a great conversation piece it will be when you have friends come over. See the post image so you get the idea. (My actual prints by the way. Hopefully, this offers some inspiration.)