I have so many ideas running around my head on a daily basis it is exhausting. I have painting ideas, t-shirt design ideas, book design ideas, the list really does go on and on. I think what is really needed here is some structure otherwise I will be running around in circles and not getting anywhere.

Overwhelm is a real problem for me. Have I bitten off too much how can I diversify, how do I scale what is my mission? How do I manage my Instagram account how many posts a day am I supposed to put out is that really possible juggling a full-time job and painting and working on multiple websites and trying to have a social life (not that it is possible at this time) and try and look after my health and fitness?

Habits and structure, planning these re all things that don’t come easy to me but I am about to try as hard as I can. Otherwise, I will be running around in circles and never getting anywhere. I mean take writing, for instance, it really does not come easy to me and I am sure it will probably give you a pretty good indication of my head is all over the place. I think I will leave this post here short and sweet before I send myself into a state of depression anxiety and overwhelm. But never fear I will bounce back as soon as I put some sort of plan in place. I will share the said plan in due time.