Autumn Is a Second Spring

This is the only painting so far with more of an autumnal color palette and whilst the painting is nowhere near finished I kind of like the way it has its own authenticity.

Look Deep Into Nature

Waiheke Island is a place like no other. Its tranquility paired with fantastic kiwi welcomes and food, it will be forever my favourite place in the world (which is why there will be multiple paintings from this island here on the website).

Study Nature, Love Nature

There is nothing quite like the black sand wind swept beaches on Aucklands West Coast, it has it’s own unique microclimate.

Just Let It Rain

Driving back from Taupo through to the Waitomo Caves I captured this incredible skyscape just after the rain had come down. Nestled far in the distance is a typical New Zealand farm house, looking incredibly tiny in the grand scheme of things.