It’s been a while since I have posted here. TO be honest I did not hit my target of 100 designs by Christmas for my Redbubble store, I didn’t think I was being too ambitious but turns out I was especially with the demands of my day job. But after the Christmas break I dedicated my time to working on some more paintings, I tried to loosen up my approach on the Rain approaching painting – to be honest I just pictured an imaginary painting in my head and then started layering the colours and used multiple brush effects to get the end result. Dusk at Sea Painting started from a photo reference andI really just wanted to get the colours as vivid as I could just like dusk when the sky turns a midnight blue colour and it sucks you into it’s depths. and then to add some warmth of sunsets again I started working on a mega sunset beach painting with every orange you can imagine.

Dusk at Sea Painting
Painting by Jesse Huxleigh