As I have said in my introduction – I absolutely love painting clouds. To me, they are magical and engrossing. I guess I am the kid that used to lie in the grass and watch the clouds roll by and see what strange creatures I could make out.

Cloud research for future paintings.

Now I look at clouds as possible future paintings – as there is never the same cloud. I guess that is another thing that I like when painting clouds is as much as I like to use photographic reference, you get to have pretty much free reign when painting clouds as no one can turn around and say you painted that cloud wrong. The other thing I adore about painting clouds is the sense of space they create when you get it just right. I think it starts with the base layer when you put down a gradient of colour layer going from a very pale blue to a bright vibrant blue or pinks merging into blues – whatever the base layer this will help elevate the painting and depth when you start applying the clouds.

Check out the colour variations in this photo I took and the sense of depth with the boats in the distance.