A Cold Cobalt Sky, Methven, Canterbury Mountains New Zealand – Large Blue Canvas Wall Art 


Piwakawaka (Methven Canterbury) NZ

Digital painting created in Procreate.


Invite the serenity of the South Island into your home with this calm-inducing New Zealand landscape from Canterbury. Combining tranquil blue hues with the snow-smothered slopes of the Southern Alps, the abstract scene is ideal for any contemporary interior scheme.

Feel the thrill of a frost-dipped winter’s chill as a milky haze lingers over the mountains, and let the soft silence of a soundless sky speak to your inner wanderlust. Soothing, supple brush strokes in the foreground bleed effortlessly to the treeline, drawing the eye to the abstract mountain art above.

This show-stopping scene has been digitally printed onto high-quality canvas with meticulous attention to detail. Buying canvas prints online allows you to achieve a gallery art aesthetic without the eye-watering price tag.

I use specially selected canvas which is thicker and more durable than most, along with independently tested inks that will not fade with time. In addition, the canvas used is free from acid and optical brighteners, helping it stay perfect and protected for many years to come.

Custom sizes are available on request, please get in touch for more details.

I work closely with a company here in Singapore (Brilliant Prints) to ensure I get the best results for my customers. Brilliant Prints has its canvas manufactured to their specifications in the United States of America.

It is completely different from many of the canvas products that are being produced in Asia and Eastern Europe.

The main differences are:
1. Our canvas has independent certification that it is archival for 100 years
2. It contains no optical brightners (OBA’s) which make the canvas appear incredibly white, but which turn yellow over time
3. It is acid free meaning that the ink we apply is protected for a long time
4. It is much thicker than many of the cheaper canvas products being used by many of our competitors – similar to denim, rather than bed-sheet.
5. It has had 99% of the seeds removed during the manufacturing process to ensure that your print is not spoiled by imperfections in the canvas
6. It has a very high dmax (maximum density) and appears bright white (without using OBA’s)

Our archival quality inks help create amazing canvases
Inks are perhaps the biggest differentiators between the product we create and the product manufactured by many of our competitors. As one of the greatest costs to a canvas printing business, inks are one area where many companies try to save money by using inferior, untested inks to create their canvas prints.

Brilliant Prints is different in that we use only independently tested and certified inks that have been proven not to fade for between 75 and 200 years. Many canvas printers are using unsuitable printers and inks, some of which begin to change colour after only 12 months.

Using Genuine inks can also offer a wider colour gamut (range of colours the printer can create).

If you are overseas I would suggest that the canvas print is shipped to you in a roll so that the cost is cheaper and the print is less likely to be damaged. You will then need to source your own professional framers to stretch the canvas on a proper frame.

Additional information

Canvas Print

32 inches square (80cm SQ), 42 inches square (106cm SQ)


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