There are numerous videos and blog posts stating that selling art online is the easy way to have a side hustle. But in my experience, it is just not true. The people that are succeeding in the are people that are actually devoting 8 hours a day to creating new prints or artworks for sale. To me just does not add up as someone with a full-time job I find it extremely difficult to get in the zone of painting when I get home from a 12-hour work day.

I go to sleep dreaming of paintings that I want to do “tomorrow” I guess I just should not go to sleep and devote more time to painting but time is a real issue. Not only do you have to create the digital painting but then you need to export it in printable format and blast it on social media, also upload it to your personal website but make sure that you have all of your keywords, alt tags, and descriptions on point to make it work for SEO.

Motukorea Painting Framed
Original Digital Painting Framed

The time this all takes is considerable. But for any budding artist out there, I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom it is possible. But in reality, it is a numbers game the more work that you get out the more likely it is that it will be seen.

This is just a small selection of the paintings that are on my list to complete. I also have a range of more abstract landscapes to paint in Procreate.

If this has not deterred you then please feel free to share any work that you have done with me and I would be happy to share it on social media or even on this website.