I guess it is always the way when you set out clear plans of attack, my “day” job got so busy that I was unable to do any of the things on my to-do list. Does anyone else have the same thing happen to them? I feel so deflated! All the targets that I set for the week have not been done, so I feel like a failure already and I’ve only just begun. What I need is a sense of order and create a routine. Easier said than done in the world we are currently living in.

The first rule of business is to have something to sell, so I have created a notebook/journal to put up for sale on Amazon, I guess that is one thing accomplished (but I had so much more to do). Anyway here is the link to my Dreams Notebook. I created it as I already had completed this painting (Acrylic on canvas), I thought it would be an appropriate background for a Dreams Notebook as I find the image to be quite dreamy and a little heavenly.

This is available on all Amazon platforms so if you would like to help a pretend artist out please check it out and if it’s something that you fancy please buy one. I would be incredibly grateful for the support.