I have lived overseas for more than 20 years and yet I still paint pictures of New Zealand – the reason well that’s what I grew up with. It’s what inspires me, I still can picture where I lived and grew up so clearly that the pictures are still vivid in my mind. There’s no place like home! I guess it aids me in a way too – so I still feel attached to my country and not sure if it helps with home sickness or just adds to it but either way I love painting New Zealand – there’s no place like it.

North Head Devonport Auckland New Zealand

The iconic landmarks of Auckland and the South Island are so recognisable they are hard to miss. Rangitoto’s majesty out in the harbour. Or the black sands of the beaches on the west coast are just magical and the perfect inspiration for paintings. The formation of clouds is also why I love painting New Zealand landscapes. It is strange to say but when I was in Venice and I looked at the clouds as I was on a ferry I recognised the shape and the clouds that hung in the bright summers day – they looked like they were right out of a Venetian painting. DuH! Of course they bloody did what the hell did I expect? Well I like to think the same is true for my paintings of New Zealand there is a certain whispy nature to New Zealand clouds.